With OracleSupervisor you can monitor and tune your Oracle databases performances in the easiest way that has never been done for a DBA


OracleSupervisor overview

Do you wonder if the databases are online, if the RMAN backups are done, if the SGA size is efficient and many more ?

OracleSupervisor is a powerful 64 bits agentless application for tuning and monitoring Oracle databases from release 8iR4, 9i, 10g, 11g and 12c. With OracleSupervisor, Oracle DBAs can have the status of all databases at a glance. OracleSupervisor automatically send, by E-mail, all database errors immediately as they occur. More...

OracleSupervisor is an easy tool to manage and install, but it will improve the day life of every DBAs considerably, and now it's a FREEWARE.

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 All databases status at a glance

 Secure, only SELECT queries


 Manage new functionalities of Oracle 10g

 E-mail Alerting


 Installed and configured in 5 minutes

 Easy to use when visiting client sites


 Multiple Threading for fast queries


 No server side installation

 Database availability confirmed by network pinging

   Alerting Console  Define when alerts can be sent

OracleSupervisor monitors the following Oracle components: Why using OracleSupervisor ?
  • SGA (Hit ratios ...)
  • Tablespaces and Datafiles
  • Tables and Indexes
  • Backups (OS, RMAN and Flashback). Control if backups have been performed.
  • Control Files
  • Undo and Roll Back Segments
  • Jobs and Scheduler
  • Shared Server
  • Parameters
  • Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)
  • Queries for getting informations about Top SQL, Locks, Event Waits, Table Scans and SQL Parsing.
  • More...

In opposite to cumbersome softwares commonly proposed for tuning and monitoring Oracle databases, OracleSupervisor is an easy, powerful and low cost tool which monitors everything a DBA need to know. Alerts are simply sent by e-mail or SMS depending of the thresholds defined for each monitored component.

You don't need to install anything on the Oracle servers, you just have to install it on a MS Windows computer. OracleSupervisor is safe since only SELECT queries are sent to Oracle databases.

With OracleSupervisor you will have all your Oracle databases in the same view, and you can navigate instantly from one database to another one with only one click.

DBA consultants who visit their clients can easily install it on sites and have a general overview of all databases.

The implementation is very easy and quick. No consultant is needed and after 5 minutes you will get used to with OracleSupervisor. More...





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